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OOC Information
Player handle: Nil
Contact details: [personal profile] nil_nullity & [ profile] nil_nullity
Time zone: EDT (-04:00)
Other characters: None

IC Information
Name: Syrenne

Nicknames/Alias: None
Age: Mid-twenties
Source canon: The Last Story
Personality:Syrenne is a woman of action rather than words. She is the mood maker and instigator of action and trouble for any group that she is a part of. Far from being a proper lady, Syrenne uses rather crass language and often resorts to using sexual innuendos and suggestive lines when carrying on conversations. Playful she has a habit of teasing others and just having a laugh with them or at their expense. This can be seen often enough when she's speaking with Zael, especially when introducing him to the arena at which point her initial explanation makes it sound like a brothel rather than a fighting competition. To go along with her playful banter and attitude though, Syrenne is also a bit of a drunk; appearing to have no qualms about spending all the money that she makes on a job in a bar and pretending to be moved to the point of tears when she’s told that the alcohol is all gone. It is obvious that she certainly enjoys drinking, though it never seems to inhibit her from doing her job or affect her beyond perhaps making her a bit more emotional.

To go with the humor and drinking through, Syrenne does also have a rather nasty temper and is quick to resort to raising her voice and instigating things. Among things that piss her off the most though are people looking down on her, either due to her profession or her lot in life. Those who hold themselves to be better than her just because of some position they hold or because they might have a bit more money piss her off to no end. To her, all people are on the same level and no one is better than anyone else just because of a job that they have or some fancy title. She is also prone to resorting to physical altercations when provoked or insulted than to try to work things out with the other person; making her an easy target for someone trying to instigate something.

In spite of her temper, Syrenne also cares deeply for those that she is close to and would do anything to ensure that they are happy and safe. She is extremely loyal to her companions and depends on them as much as they depend on her. If the worst is to happen and there is no way out of a situation she will gladly sacrifice herself for another, or if a friend has fallen refuse to leave them behind.

In short, Syrenne is a stubborn woman who while appearing to be temperamental and distrustful of a number of people, especially men, is someone who cares deeply about those she surrounds herself with and wants to ensure people are treated fairly and have what they need to survive.

Canon history: The Last Story

AU Information

Syrenne's appearance will not be changing with the AU. Syrenne has copper hair that is a bit more red than brown and is kept out of her face with a brown headband. She has blue-green eyes and generally doesn't wear any kind of makeup. Her shoulders and upper arms are covered with spiral tattoos. Overall she has a slim toned build.

The only jewelry she wears are a pair of earrings, a larger silver in her left ear, as well a black rose choker. Her clothes change with her mood, but generally consist of something that leaves her mid-drift exposed when no fighting and is loose and easy to move in; even if a bit revealing.

History: Born in Ireland, Syrenne was brought up by parents that were an active part of the Irish Republican Brotherhood or Fenians. Her parents had come up during the great famine, and she had been born just as it came to an end. So from the time she was young Syrenne learned to fight what was hers and to appreciate having just what you needed to get by. That changed a bit in 1867 when her father left as part of the Fenian Rising and was to never to return to her or her mother. Shortly after he mother fell to ruins and died of a broken heart. Of course she had trained along with the rest of the Finnians and certainly learned to tend to herself, which is why after her mother passed, Syrenne turned to working not for the Fenians who had seemed to betray her family, but as a mercenary working for hire in various parts of the world. For just under a year she was working in the Congo, but due to being a woman in an army that didn't think women were capable of fighting she didn't stay despite the pay.

As a result she struck out looking for work where she could find it by offering protection or taking jobs to track and hunt people down that most wouldn't bother taking.

Job: Mercenary.

Reason for coming to Lethevale: Hearing about a job with hunting a few things that were causing problems, Syrenne came to Lethevale looking for money and work.

Inventory: A black rose choker, two swords, & a purple ribbon from her mother.

Prose Sample: It was a big place, and with all the rumors of it being haunted, it made sense that Syrenne would find it a perfect place to crash. Usually horrible stories about restless spirits made for a place that had cheaper rooms. Besides it wasn’t like she’d be scared of anything like a ghost or anything, she’d seen enough evil things and went up against them on her own on all of the odd jobs that she had taken over the years. Drying out her hair after a path, she kicked around a few of the baseboards of the room to explore a little; half expecting a hidden passage or something from the way that they place looked.

Instead though there was a crash in the hallway which instinctively made her draw back a little a grab something to use and defend herself.

“Come on now, it’s probably just someone tripping over their own feet or something. Probably some creep trying to peep in people’s rooms.”

Still she did figure it was better to check it out and be safe rather than sorry. Besides she could use a reason to kick someone’s ass and blow off a little more steam for having wasted a whole week on chasing ghost stories and tall tales. She was about sick of being sent on wild goose chases with promises of payment. Then again if this wasn’t some idiot then she’d actually get paid, so after throwing on a shirt and grabbing a sword she was out in the hallway just in time for whatever it was to turn the corner.

“You’re not going to get away that easily.”

Even if her hair was still a little damp and her shoes were back in the room, she decided to follow after it a get a few answers.

Test Drive: Test Drive

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